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Psychological Rejuvenationn, Clinical Psychologist in Jackson Hole, WY

I believe it is possible to create an extraordinary life, to move from okay to thriving, by enhancing psychological and physical health. In my private practice and wellness presentations, my perspective is Positive Psychology. We focus on your strengths and passions and cultivate that which is best within you, while minimizing or eliminating non-productive or destructive behavioral patterns and thoughts.

My model also integrates mindfulness meditation, sleep research, and exercise to create healthy minds and bodies, as well as enhancing interpersonal relationships and life within your community. My work with clients is very individual; it depends upon your current level of well-being. We find what works for you to achieve the best possible results and the happiest, most contented life. We also have fun! Good therapy is an investigation and a treasure hunt; we look for the riches to enhance your life.

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